Sustainability in life, business and the world around us.

Climate change unfolding is a podcast that follows host Sam Ward, and his guests as issues of climate change and sustainability unfold in their lives, in their businesses and of course, in the world around them.

As Sam goes through the process of changing his businesses, and his own personal life to be more climate friendly he’ll share tools, tips and resources that help make that process easier for a listener keen to do the same.

You will also hear amazing human stories of the individuals on the front line of solving sustainability problems, as Sam learns from them, he’ll share their insights so you can too.

You can listen to the episodes below, or on all major podcast apps.

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Episode 9 – Rescue and Riverbanks, an interview with Jenny Farmer

Devastation on the Hairy Lemon Island 

The trees are being chopped on the tropical paradise island archipelago that used to have my home on, and the monkeys, pangolins and other animals are in trouble!
Jenny Farmer, PHD, researcher and all round legend weighs in to offer Sam solutions to river bank reforestation issues, and it’s time for Sam to get involved…

We need your help, check out the just giving page to help conserve the riverbanks on the Nile, and save the animals on the Hairy Lemon:…estationproject

A bit more about Jenny:
Bubugo Conservation Trust
Bubugo Conservation hashtag #BubugoConservation

Escape to the wild trailer:

Connect with Jenny Farmer on Twitter: @jfarmerug
or through Bubugo Conservation Trust

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Episode 8 – Lemon Magic

Sam’s about to lose his house, and one of his favourite places on earth as they get flooded in the enormous Isimba Hydropower reservoir… listen in as he shares his thoughts from the last days of a slice of tropical paradise.

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Episode 7 – Single Use Plastic, Not fantastic

Sam talks on the subject of single use plastic… the astounding quantity we produce, and how he’s gone about cutting it out of his businesses operations.

Sam would love to hear your feedback! Drop him an email on or connect on twitter @SamJamesWard

Climate Change Unfolding Community Section

Story of a Spoon:

Zero Waste Podcast by Laura Nash:

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Episode 6 – Green Tourism Summit Africa

Listen in to how host Sam Ward heads off on a last minute mission to get involved with the The Green Tourism Summit Africa, and hear a few of the speakers as they share some soundbites of wisdom!

Here are some of the folks mentioned in the episode and the links to their respective websites and social media platforms:


Twitter: @GonaJudy

LinkedIn:  Judy Gona on linked in

Judy’s company Sustainable tourism and travel Agenda:

Instagram: @STTAkenya

STTA on LinkedIn  STTA on linked IN


If you want to get in touch with Barry contact him directly via email:
EQ – Specialised Hospitality and Tourism Consultancy website:


You can connect with Harriet on twitter @HandsofHope14 or check out the social platforms and websites of the initiatives that Harriet is involved with:

Red Rocks Rwanda on Facebook

Acts of Hope Rwanda on Facebook

Red Rocks Rwanda on instagram

Red Rocks Rwanda on instagram

Acts of hope Rwanda on Instagram


If you want to read or hear more from Carmen, you can connect 

Twitter: @CarmenNibigira

Horwath HTL’s website: 

Horwath HTL on Facebook

Horwath HTL on LinkedIN


Twitter: @LetsGoSafari

Instagram: @uniglobeletsgotravel 

Uniglobe Lets Go Travel on facebook


Lets go travel sustainability page and full 2017 CSR Report here 


Connect with Bernard on linked in:

Doctor Bernard Kithera on LinkedIN

Or via his personal email:

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Episode 5 – Leading the way – An interview with Bill Farmer

An interview with Uganda Carbon Bureau founder Bill Farmer. Twenty years of living in Uganda, how he ended up working in the low carbon sector, innovating, creating and ultimately leading the way for climate change movement in Uganda.

Any thoughts, comments, ideas and critique are welcome! Drop me an email on or find me on twitter: @SamJamesWard.

Links for some things discussed in the episode: Uganda Carbon Bureau homepage:

The greenhouse gas protocol

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Episode 4 – Carbon Footprints around the World

Have a listen to Climate Change Unfolding, Episode Four – Carbon Footprints around the world. In the episode there are some useful tips for working out your own individual carbon footprint amongst other things.  

I hope you enjoy it! Drop me an email on or connect on twitter @SamJamesWard if you have any suggestions, comments or critique.

Here are some links referenced in the episode:

My suggested online personal footprint calculator:

An alternate one if you are from the UK, graphic heavy, nice user interface:

Before the flood, a great documentary referenced halfway through the podcast:

Episode 3 – How to Work out the Carbon Footprint of a Business?

The journey begins… and there seemed no better place to start than working out what I’m currently responsible for emitting. This episode lays out how I went about working out the carbon footprint of my three businesses, and throws a few lessons that I learnt along the way in the mix. This episode would have saved me a hell of a lot more time whilst doing my carbon audit than it would have taken to listen to it!

I hope you enjoy. Drop me an email on or connect on twitter @SamJamesWard if you have any suggestions, comments or critique!

– – – – – – – – – –

Here are some links discussed in the podcast:

Uganda Carbon Bureau

Green house gas calculation tools:

The Carbon Trust:

Type in your country, and click on the secondary tab to work out the emissions using the cost of a category of items, rather than a per item emission:

The flight calculator recommended by the greenhouse Gas protocol, which presumably then has a very good level of legitimacy: 

Note on that is that this flight calculator comes in at a lower Carbon emissions than a lot of flight calculators online so if you want to be double sure you’ve got it covered, use the climate care calculator which comes in on the higher side:

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