Climate Change Unfolding is a podcast that follows host Sam Ward, and his guests as issues of climate change and sustainability unfold in their lives, in their businesses and of course, in the world around them.

As Sam goes through the process of changing his businesses, and his own personal life to be more climate friendly he’ll share tools, tips and resources that help make that process easier for a listener keen to do the same.

You will also hear amazing human stories of the individuals on the front line of solving sustainability problems, as Sam learns from them, he’ll share their insights so you can too.  

You can listen to the episodes here on the website, or on all major podcast apps. If you like the podcast, tell anyone you know anyway you like. 

About the Host

Sam Ward got going on his post university professional career by outlining what his ideal job would be, realising that it didn’t really exist yet, and setting up his first company, Love it Live it (www.loveitliveit.co.uk) to make that job a reality.

Five years later, along with his wife Emily, Sam bought Kayak the Nile (www.kayakthenile.com), a Uganda based kayak school, and ran both businesses along side each other.

Another 5 years on and Kayak the Nile is Africa’s top kayak school, and one of the busier kayak schools in the world and a third business alongside the other two (www.NileSUP.com) is now established.  

A passion for coaching, for watersports and the outdoors let him to compete, and coach at the top level, guiding the Great British Freestyle Kayak team to over 30 medals in both European and World Championships, before retiring to compete himself at the 2015 World Championships where he placed 6th.

He’s helped establish and run grass roots competitions and kayak festivals in Africa, and now coaches the Uganda Freestyle kayak team.   Sam now lives with his wife, and their son Cato, on the banks of the River Nile where he has, over the last decade, seen massive changes take place. Several huge hydropower projects have flooded sections of rapids and rainforest, massive deforestation as Uganda undergoes a population explosion, and rapidly changing and unpredictable rainfall that make the lives of Ugandan’s much harder than they already were.  

Under the surface, and all around him, issues of climate change were unfolding while Sam mostly ignored them, but not anymore…  

The Climate Change Unfolding podcast aims to tell the story of how issues of sustainability and climate change took hold of Sam, how he’s changing his businesses and his own life to try and be more a part of the solution, and less part of the problem.

Sam would love for you to listen in, and even if you are ready, to come along with him on a bit of a journey to make some changes to your own life too.