Episode 16 – Olympic gold to Extinction Rebellion Activist – An interview with Etienne Stott

An inspiring and insightful interview with Etienne Stott, about his take on our predicament, his philosophy on dealing with it, and why he got involved personally with the arrests and civil disobedience of the XR spring rebellion of early 2019.
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Celebrating on the olympic podium with team mate Tim Baillie.
Being carried away from Waterloo Bridge, arrested for his involvement in the XR spring rebellion. Which of the two images is more heroic? Depends a lot on our perspective!

Etienne Stott and his crew mate Tim Baillie win the Gold at 2012 Olympic Games.  Connect and follow Etienne on Twitter @EtienneStott 
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Here are some notes sent through from Etienne: 

1) Extinction Rebellion website.

2) This video lecture explains the rationale behind Extinction Rebellion. It’s called ‘Heading for extinction and what to do about it’.

3) This short video, the guilty climate activist, is about personal choices without shame and judgement, which is central to Extinction Rebellion philosophy.

4) This video by Professor Kevin Anderson, Climate’s holy trinity, explains the science behind the urgency and what solutions are feasible in the timeframe we have. It also explains how fairness plays out in this context. I’d recommend this one for development of personal understanding, as it really switched my thinking into a higher gear.

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