Episode 21 – Getting Going on Climate Action

Week… er… quite a few, of Covid-19 lockdown, Sam talks on a using his businesses and team to launch an environmental initiative while they’ve got little else to do. Getting going on climate action, how it feels better to be actively working on a climate project, than in constant internal dialogue about self sacrifice or focused only on things outside of our own personal control.

Don’t be fooled by it’s beauty!
A huge island of floating vegatation, much of it made up of water hyacinth floats into this mega dam, on the Nile River. As it hit the turbines, it triggered emergency switch off, the shock to the grid of emergency cut off led to a temporary national blackout. For scale, the tiny dots on the dam you can see are vehicles on a double lane road.
More enormous floating islands close to the source of the Nile River in Uganda. Huge matts of water weed breaking away from the lake shore as high rainfall and floods lead to the highest lake levels in recorded history. Town in background is Jinja, population 100,000, can you even see the white boat between the two islands? It’s big enough to hold 20 people. In right of shot, you can see squares of the floating matt that’s been burnt and used for farming!

The other podcast episodes discussed in this podcast:
Episode eight, lemon magic, about the flooding of Sam’s home at end of 2018 and episode nine, rescues and riverbanks – an interview with Dr Jenny Farmer

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  1. Thanks for your podcast.
    I’m Listening from Kilsyth Victoria Australia
    I do a little kayaking on the Yarra river.

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