Episode 3 – How to Work out the Carbon Footprint of a Business?

The journey begins… and there seemed no better place to start than working out what I’m currently responsible for emitting. This episode lays out how I went about working out the carbon footprint of my three businesses, and throws a few lessons that I learnt along the way in the mix. This episode would have saved me a hell of a lot more time whilst doing my carbon audit than it would have taken to listen to it!

I hope you enjoy. Drop me an email on sam@climatechangeunfolding.com or connect on twitter @SamJamesWard if you have any suggestions, comments or critique!

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Here are some links discussed in the podcast:

Uganda Carbon Bureau http://www.ugandacarbon.org/

Green house gas calculation tools: https://ghgprotocol.org/calculation-tools

The Carbon Trust: https://www.carbontrust.com/home/

Type in your country, and click on the secondary tab to work out the emissions using the cost of a category of items, rather than a per item emission: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx

The flight calculator recommended by the greenhouse Gas protocol, which presumably then has a very good level of legitimacy: https://www.icao.int/environmental-protection/CarbonOffset/Pages/default.aspx 

Note on that is that this flight calculator comes in at a lower Carbon emissions than a lot of flight calculators online so if you want to be double sure you’ve got it covered, use the climate care calculator which comes in on the higher side: http://www.climatecare.org/home.aspx

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