Episode 9 – Rescue and Riverbanks, an interview with Jenny Farmer

Devastation on the Hairy Lemon Island 

The trees are being chopped on the tropical paradise island archipelago that used to have my home on, and the monkeys, pangolins and other animals are in trouble!
Jenny Farmer, PHD, researcher and all round legend weighs in to offer Sam solutions to river bank reforestation issues, and it’s time for Sam to get involved…

We need your help, check out the just giving page to help conserve the riverbanks on the Nile, and save the animals on the Hairy Lemon.

A bit more about Jenny:
Bubugo Conservation Trust www.bubugoconservation.org/
Bubugo Conservation hashtag #BubugoConservation

Escape to the wild trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=beIMaFjss4k&app=desktop

Connect with Jenny Farmer on Twitter: @jfarmerug
or through Bubugo Conservation Trust

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